10 Ways to Make Guests Feel at Home

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It’s that time of year when family and friends come visit and stay for a few nights. Make sure they feel right at home by providing some five-star amenities right in their guest room. Watch the video above and use these tips to create your own luxury guest room.

  1. Create a toiletries basket
    Do you have a hotel toiletry sample collection? Perfect. Now just grab a basket and add a shampoo, conditioner, soap, lotion, razor, toothpaste, mouthwash, q-tips, and cotton balls.
  2. Have towels handy
    Make sure clean bath, wash cloths and hand towels are within easy reach in the bathroom.
  3. Keep it comfy 
    Cover the guest bed with clean, quality linens. Also, have extra pillows and blankets in a closet or in a basket.
  4. Share your WiFi password
    Print out or neatly handwrite a note with the WiFi username and password.
  5. Add a coffee bar 
    Place a serving tray on a dresser, then add a 4-cup coffee maker, coffee filter, coffee, two cups, cream, sugar and stirrers.
  6. Easy plugin access
    Add a power strip by the bed for an easy, visible place to plug in all their devices.
  7. Create a welcome basket
    Prevent “hangry” or bored guests by placing a basket by the bed and adding single-serve snacks, water bottles, hard candy, paper, a pen and magazines.
  8. Have hooks available
    Add a couple hooks to the back of a door or wall for towels or coats.
  9. Offer a robe
    Have a clean white robe hanging in the closet with a note. This is the most expensive tip, but a very thoughtful gesture.
  10. Hang a mirror
    This is especially important if guests don’t have their own bath. A full length mirror is best, but you could also just hang a decorative framed mirror above a dresser.

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