Client Appreciation Gift Ideas

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It’s the holiday season and you are wondering what sort of gift to send your clients as an appreciation for their business. When possible, it’s always nice to send a thoughtful gift tailored to your client. Here are a few ideas I hope will help you get started:

1. Photo of their new home
A framed photo of your buyer’s new house would be a sentimental gift and always treasured.

2. Charitable donation
A charitable donation in your client’s name is sure to be remembered. The Coldwell Banker Burnet Foundation offers an “in memory of” or “in honor of” feature here and will send a card to notify your client.

3. Gift card for small local business
A gift card for a small business or restaurant in their neighborhood is a great way to keep the business local and would be appreciated by the client and also the business owner.

4. History of their town
Historical photos or books about their town would be of interest to anyone, but especially if they are new to the area. You may also want to add a list of local things to do and places to visit.

5. Chalkboard message
A small decorative chalkboard with a holiday message from you is something everyone in the family will enjoy.

6. Your logo
Anything with your logo is a perfect gift – and will remind them of you every time they use it! A knit hat with your logo would keep them warm in the cold weather. Do they golf? Golf balls with your logo would be perfect. A holiday music CD with your logo on the cover is another great idea.

Whatever you decide to give be sure to remember — it’s the thought that counts!

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