Hiding Gifts from BIG and Little Kids

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This holiday season, you’ve beaten the rush and have gotten all your shopping done early for the entire family. But now where to hide the goodies— from both big and little kids?
Storing gifts on a high shelf is a well-worn strategy to keep them out of reach of little kids, but a single shelf may not hold them all. Big kids, being big, pretty much have full household access. They will likely “stumble upon” a gift you didn’t hide very well. So where can you hide things until the special day arrives?

Check out these ideas:

  1. In a drawer. But not just any drawer. Underwear and sock drawers are great for small gifts, and no one but you goes in that drawer.
  2. In a suitcase. Stored on the floor or on a shelf but rarely opened or used, a suitcase can hold multiple gifts of different sizes, and it will look the same as it always does!
  3. In the trunk of your car. If it’s your car, how often does anyone go in the trunk, particularly your kids?
  4. In plain sight. Put gifts into large, plain brown cardboard boxes and seal with tape. Mark them “cookbooks and recipes” or “Halloween decorations.”
  5. At a friend or neighbor’s home. Ask friends or neighbors to be co-conspirators. They may enjoy the holiday intrigue. You could even bring over some wine or cookies and turn a gift hiding and wrapping evening into a fun night out with friends.

The most important thing when hiding your holiday gifts? Remembering where you hid them! Write down what you bought for whom and the clever place you hid it on a master list. Otherwise, your gifts may remain hidden even from you!

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