Smells Like Home

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Everyone knows an unpleasant odor is one of the biggest negatives to buyers when selling your home.  But even if it’s not on the market, you want your home to smell inviting to your family and guests.  Some of the most common causes of bad odors are pets, cooking, smoking and musty basements.  Here are some tips to help you eliminate some of those bad smells.

Open the windows and air out your house!  This is the easiest thing to do.  And it doesn’t cost a thing.  Even in winter if you simply open your windows and let the cross breeze flow through your house for a few minutes you will notice the difference!

Paint the walls.  You can actually buy paint or primer at the local home improvement store that helps eliminate odors.  This is especially effective with smoking and pet odors.

Clean or replace the draperies and carpeting.  Heavy drapes and wall-to-wall carpeting can hold pet and smoke odors.  Maybe it’s time to replace those heavy drapes with some light and airy sheers. Or, have the carpeting professionally cleaned or if you can afford it, replaced.

Stop cooking smelly food!  Hold off on cooking fish and fried foods until the house is sold or after your party.

Dehumidify.  If your basement or laundry room smells a little musty, first check for any water leaks to repair.  If there are no leaks, consider investing in a dehumidifier.  Another option would be to hang a bag of charcoal (found at home improvement stores) to absorb the odors.  I’ve personally tried this and it works!  Baking soda and ground coffee also work great at absorbing odors.

Ok, now for some good smells! 

Smells like a spa!  Who wouldn’t want their bath or laundry to smell like a spa?  Add a cup of boiling water to a bowl and sprinkle in some fresh rosemary.  Let it steep.  It will remind buyers of that spa they visited on vacation!

Smells clean and fresh!  We all want our kitchens to smell clean and fresh, of course.  Cut up lemons and place them in a bowl on the kitchen counter.  They will look cute and your kitchen will smell lemony!

Fresh flowers.  Make your entrance more welcoming with some fresh flowers on the table.  Even better if you can pick them from your own garden!

Smells like home!  Most people have heard that the smell of baking cookies or bread will make buyers want to linger.  Of course it does.  If smells like home!



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