Tips for Showing Your Home in the Winter

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Winter is a great time to sell your home. Buyers who are looking during the winter months are many times serious buyers, plus there is less competition in the market so you have a greater chance for your home to be shown online or in person to buyers. Here are some ways to help make buyers feel at home during a home showing:

  1. Shovel a path – You want potential buyers to find it easy to navigate from the driveway or street into your home. Make sure your driveway is shoveled and there is a cleared path from the driveway to your front door.
  2. Have coat racks clear –  You want potential buyers to feel comfortable walking around your home and want them to take time to look around, wearing an over sized heavy coat can get in the way. Keep a coat rack by your front door for people to hang their coats on as soon as they walk in, and if you already have a coat rack make sure its cleared off and open for people to use.
  3. Open blinds/curtains – Now that the winter months are upon us the days are shorter and it gets dark out earlier. Brighten up your home and every room in it by opening the blinds and/or curtains. It will shed some light on the situation and also lighten the mood and make it more comfortable.
  4. Provide booties -Snow, slush, sleet, rain, mud are all things we are no strangers of come this time of the year and they can leave our homes a giant mess. Providing disposable booties for people coming to view your home ensures the floors will stay clean and it is a much better alternative to the sometimes awkward task of asking people to remove their shoes in your home.


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