Super Bowl Viewing Party Ideas

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It’s time for the big game and you want this to be the best Super Bowl party yet! Take some of these ideas and get your guests pumped up ahead of time for a great game-viewing experience.

1. Squares – Football squares are always a crowd pleaser and keep people interested in the game and rooting for someone to score. Boards are easy to make with a piece of poster board and before the game starts, have your guests buy a square. Once they are full, fill in the numbers at random. Set prize amounts for the winner of each quarter and the final score.

2. Projector – Take the big screen to a whole new level and try projecting the game. Video projectors are becoming more consumer friendly and reasonably priced. Just set up a projection screen or use a white wall or bed sheet as a screen. Just imagine, watching life-size football players right from your couch!

3. Pass the Cup – Choose common football phrases such as “field goal” or “quarterback.” Any time someone on TV says one of those words pass the cup. When you receive the cup from the person next to you, put a dollar in the cup. Keep the cup until another one of the words is said. Win the money when one of the teams scores a touchdown then start over.

4. Commercial BINGO – Make your own Bingo cards and in each square put a brand that will likely run a commercial or a theme of a commercial. Some ideas include: “Talking M&M’s,” “Doritos,” “Do not try this at home,” “Lexus,” Clydesdale Horses,” get creative with your ideas or you can download cards from StyleMePretty here

superbowl bingo


5. Cook-off – You can be a good host and prepare loads of dips, finger foods, and other munchies or you can host your very own “Super Bowl Cook-Off!” Ask you guests to each bring a dish to share and have everyone vote on the best one. Have a prize for the winner like lottery tickets.

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