What To Do With Old Holiday Decor

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As the new year begins, taking down holiday decor and storing it for next season is an annual activity. But are there decorations year after year that you don’t actually use?

Maybe your taste has changed, and you’ve bought new decor along the way. There may be decorations you’re tired of, but throwing them away didn’t feel quite right.  It may be time to peruse the unused and see what you might do with old holiday decor. Consider these options:

Donate. If an ornament or decoration never really appealed to you but is in good shape, donate it. The same is true for items you’ve overbought, like strings of lights. People shop the thrift stores in January looking for deals on holiday decorations and may be happy to have it.

Discard. Unless something has sentimental value, throw away anything broken or in poor condition. It won’t look good in your home or anyone else’s.

Deconstruct for new use. Many ornaments, table, mantel and door decorations are adorned with small pine cones, bells, bows and birds. Take them apart, save the decorative pieces to use next year in new ways.

Design. If you’re crafty or have kids who enjoy creative projects, arm yourself with a hot glue gun, thin wire, colored glitter, household glue, metallic spray paint in gold and silver and use your imagination. Have fun finding ways to repurpose small decorative elements. Here are a few to get you started:

  • Decorate an outdoor tree, potted pine or door wreath with extra ornaments.
  • Add salvaged decorative pieces to a child’s stocking with glue or a quick stitch for a new look.
  • Give old decor to the kids to decorate a small tree of their own next year.
  • Glue a sprig of artificial greens, a cinnamon stick and small bow to the corner of a picture frame with a holiday photo to give to a grandparent.
  • Decorate glass jars, gift boxes or edible gift containers with elements saved from old decor. Cover with metallic spray paint and add a couple of small decorative pieces.
  • Fashion napkin rings from brightly colored wire. Add bows, berries, bells or a small twig from old holiday decor.

And finally, you might use old decorative elements for creating a fun, over-the-top holiday sweater!

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