2016 Home Trends

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2015 brought us some fantastic home trends including outdoor room makeovers, the use of gorgeous metallics (such as copper) throughout the home, all-white kitchens, mix n’ match of patterns, and so much more. But, what memorable trends will this year bring?

Here are a few home trends to be on a lookout for in 2016:

Throughout Your Home
Smart technology continues to pave its way into our homes, one awesome gadget at a time. Smart thermostats learn to adjust to your personal heating and cooling preferences and patterns. Smart locks are great because they give you the option to control your front door from just about anywhere, with a use of an app.

Living Room
With our homes getting smarter and technology always at our fingertips, it’s still good to have a place to kickback, relax and unplug. Having a tech-free living room allows for a more interactive family time, or a zen personal space.

Last year we’ve been introduced to elegant, clean and neutral kitchen designs; this still holds true for this year’s trend, but now it comes with a colorful twist. Give your kitchen a little character by adding colorful statement tile to the breakfast bar, or kitchen island to create a fun focal point.

Bidets. Something that once was deemed as slightly bizarre in the U.S., is now becoming a posh new bathroom trend. According to a 2015 Houzz Bathroom Trends Study, 5% of master baths currently have a bidet and that number is looking to rise in 2016.

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