Last Minute Inexpensive Valentine’s Day Ideas

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Valentine’s Day can be a fun holiday even if you are watching your pennies.  Maybe you are saving up for that beach vacation or a new home!  Or your New Year’s resolution (like mine) was to stop spending and start saving!  You don’t have to go out to dinner and spend a lot of money.  Here are some thrifty ideas to help you celebrate at home this year.

Your Valentine’s Day Décor.  Flowers!  You don’t have to spend $50 at the florist.  You can purchase inexpensive but pretty red, pink and white flowers from your local grocery store and spend around $12.  Arrange the flowers in a glass vase and add a pretty ribbon.  If you’re feeling crafty you can cut some paper hearts in different sizes and add more flare to your flowers and also scatter candy hearts around the table!  Do you remember how to cut snowflakes?  Cut a red paper heart and then cut it like a snowflake for a lacy heart!

Serve Dinner at Home.  For an inexpensive but impressive meal serve bruschetta as the appetizer, penne pasta with vegetables and sausage as your main course.  Or pork chops with a pretty raspberry sauce and French cut green beans will make a pretty presentation.  And you can always find great sales on filet mignon and shrimp at your local grocery store around Valentine’s Day.

A Romantic Dessert.  Chocolate covered strawberries purchased or made ahead or a chocolate fondue pot with large strawberries and other fruit to dip is fun.  Or anything chocolate!

A Gift. If you can’t afford expensive jewelry, let’s just say dinner and flowers are the gift.  And add a nice bottle of wine!  Don’t give written promises for back rubs and foot massages.  Just do it!

A Romantic Movie.  Romantic movies are plentiful and easy to find on TV around Valentine’s Day.  If you can’t get out to the theater, plan to watch your favorite romance or the one you never got a chance to see.  It’s a great excuse to cuddle on the loveseat in front of the TV with your special person.  Keep a box of tissues handy for Love Story and The Notebook!

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