Living Art: Indoor Wall Gardens

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Also known as vertical gardens or living walls, a wall garden can bring some much needed green to your home all year long. Recently, more and more trendy restaurants, bars and businesses are showcasing elaborate living walls. Take that inspiration and create your own version for your home. There are several solutions that are either DIY or ready-made.

These green respites can be purely decorative or can become producing gardens with vegetables or herbs. They can take up an entire wall or just a small area. You decide. Here are a few ideas for inspiration:

Air Plants

Air plants or tillandsia are versatile, easy to care for, hearty and can be found in a variety of colors, shapes and sizes. Air plants don’t need (or want) soil, so that makes it the perfect plant to decorate your wall as long as it gets some indirect sunlight and they are soaked about once a week. No soil makes ideas for displaying them limitless — they can sit on a shelf, in a shadow box, on a piece of driftwood, in a DIY planter or be tucked into existing artwork. This simple wall sconce below is suddenly transformed into a planter and a piece of art by the addition of an interesting air plant.


Succulents are also an easy-care option and the variety of colors, textures and shapes make them a visually interesting piece of wall art. It is relatively easy to create a DIY display or buying one already assembled like the one below from OneWithPlants on Etsy.


Herbs are not only beautiful additions to a kitchen or dining room, but they are also useful and smell great. So how can you go wrong with an herb wall garden? There are tons of DIY tutorials available, but this IKEA hack is one of my favorites and turns a wine rack into a wall garden.

A real garden

If there is the proper sunlight, you can create living wall gardens with living wall planters. Interested in growing veggies indoors? Choose plants like lettuce, peppers, kale or chard. Just want plants? Some of the most successful indoor plants varieties are Acacia Cognata (limelight bower wattle), Epipremnum (Pothos), Nephrolepis exaltata (sword fern), and  Aeschynanthus radicans (lipstick plant). There are elaborate walls that can be installed by professionals or living wall planters you can do yourself.


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