The Importance of Real Estate Photography

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Smart phones have made it easy for all of us to become fauxtographers. We take a photo, slap on a funky filter and BAM! – masterpiece. On occasion, we lose sight of what makes a great image.  Someone once said, “technology is making it easier to shoot bad photos,” and I couldn’t agree more.

In real estate, photography is a crucial piece to the selling puzzle. Just because bad quality images are the easier, cheaper solution, doesn’t make it the most effective choice for business.
According to the National Association of REALTORS 2013 Profile of Home Buyers and Sellers, 83% percent of buyers rated photos to be the most useful website feature. Yet, the amount of cringe-worthy photos that are listed for the buyers is unfathomable.

By investing in professional photography, you are gaining the opportunity to get more buyers to look at the listing in person, and essentially, selling the property quicker.
Here is what you get when you hire the pros:

Awesome-Looking Rooms:

No matter what the buyer is searching for in a home, the living room, kitchen and master suite are king. Professional photographers will highlight key features, spaciousness (square footage) and unique characteristics of the rooms.

Intriguing Perspective:

Professionals know what works and can offer a mix of traditional and creative shots to intrigue the buyer, and create an image that will play on their imagination.

Bright Images:

Per usual, lighting plays a huge role in the photography process and can make or break what the appearance of the interior. Rooms need to be evenly lit and lighting needs to be controlled to keep a consistency from room to room.


Homey Feel:

Little touches like firing up the fireplace, dressing up the dining room table, or adding fresh flowers, will give the photos an inviting ambiance.

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