3 Trends for Patios

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Outdoor Patios

Believe it or not, it’s officially spring! One of my favorite parts of the warmer months is relaxing outside on the patio with a glass of iced tea and my e-reader. Of course before that, I have to evaluate the condition of the patio after the winter months and consider upgrades to enhance my sanctuary.  Below are some trends to contemplate when updating your outdoor space.

Patio Flooring

A common trend in patio flooring is concrete. Concrete patios can be easy to maintain and are very durable. They are also pretty customizable when considering shape or staining. Another flooring option is flag stone. Flag stone can be very whimsical when spaced just so with a little bit of green grass poking through. It can almost transform your backyard into a fairytale garden. A unique flooring trend that is on the top of my to-do list is pallets. Pallets can give an outdoor space a very rustic appeal while at the same time giving it a well put together look when considering the geometric shape.

Patio Covers/Canopies

My personal favorite patio cover is a pergola. It offers shade but still allows for some light to filter through. You can also plant ivy or flowers that can grow up and around the posts. The most popular patio cover is an awning. Awnings can be permanent or temporary and are made out of all different types of materials. They can also be a fixed structure or retractable. If you’re looking for something sturdier, you can install a roof over the patio. A roof provides more options including the ability to add electricity.

Patio Furniture

Patio decor can be an easy solution to brighten up your existing patio furniture. Simply adding colorful pillows, cushions or an oversized umbrella can really change up the space. If you are looking to upgrade your patio furniture, multi-functional is in. Get pieces that can double as something, like a small cushioned table that can also be a chair. Entertaining is also key! Think about adding an outdoor bar for hosting parties or even a fire pit for cozy campfires.

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