5 Ways to Lower Utility Costs

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Lower Utility Costs

Are your utility bills digging deep into your wallet? You can lower your utility bill by slightly altering your day to day habits. Here are some tips to how you can do just that.

  1. Water Bill – Think of all they times you leave your water running when you could actually turn it off; brushing your teeth, washing your face, washing the dishes. Turn the water off then back on again when you need it and you can reduce the water you use for daily tasks.
  2. Gas Bill – During the cooler months, try turning the thermostat down a couple degrees. To compensate, throw on some slippers and a blanket to keep warm. The bonus is you have an excuse to get cozy.
  3. Electric Bill – On the other hand, during the hot months turn off your A/C and draw the blinds half way leaving enough to let light in but still reducing the hot rays entering through your windows like a magnifying glass. In addition, open your windows a crack and put in a circulating fan.
  4. Electric Bill – It is likely that you regularly hear about energy efficient light bulbs, there is plenty of truth to it. Replace the old incandescent bulbs in your home, especially the ones in hard to reach places under fixtures. Once completed, this will be the easiest money you’ll save. (Extra tip – turn off lights and electronics when you’re not in the room.)
  5. Phone Bill – Believe it or not your phone is a utility you may pay for monthly but never use. Not your cell phone, but your landline. Many companies bundle this service with your internet and cable but if you’re entirely dependent on your cell phone, it may be time to cancel your landline.

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