Home Projects Worthy of Your Tax Refund

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The April 15 tax deadline is approaching faster than you might think. Many of you may have already filed and are awaiting or have received your tax refund. According to the Internal Revenue Service (IRS), the average tax refund for 2015 was $3,120. That’s a decent amount of money to tackle one or a few minor home projects.

Instead of saving for a rainy day my plan is to cross off a few home projects that have been on the “honey-do” list for a while. Many of these DIY projects are under $500, so you could still have money to spend on yourself.

Kitchen cabinet TLC – Mission number one: replace my cabinet doors. Unfinished wood cabinet doors start at approximately $30 each. I have 10 doors so, $330 plus paint shouldn’t break the bank.

Bathroom updates – Changing a sink and counter top in my bathroom would be next on the list. Since we are pretty handy, we won’t need a plumber. We’ll probably update the hardware, too. A granite vanity top with a basin could run about $246. A new faucet is around $99.

Freshen up the paint – As I look around my house, I see all the wall scuffs and cracks. I still have crayon on the walls from my kids. I look at it and smile, but it is time to cover it up with a fresh coat of paint, instead of strategically hiding it with a plant! A few gallons of paint, rollers, putty for repairs, painter’s tape, caulk and tarps run about $250.

Landscaping – This winter was especially harsh on our garden. Replacing shrubs and a few perennials is definitely high on the list. Three shrubs could cost up to $125 and some new cone flowers and hostas are approximately $108. Plus, add new soil, plant food and mulch, and I’m at $280.

Now that the home project list is ready, all I need to do is to find the time to do them!

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