Smart Solutions for Home Security

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There’s no denying it. Technology is becoming an extension of who we are. Mobile devices in particular are now serving as a universal remote to control our lives – especially when it comes to home security.

These innovations are great news, because in the U.S., a robbery occurs every 18.2 seconds, and of those robberies, an astounding 73.2 percent of them are to residential properties*.

With that said, let’s take a look at some popular mistakes many homeowners make when it comes to home security, and then let’s see what kind of smart home technology solutions are out there to combat those mistakes.

  • Mistake: Let’s be serious…hiding a key under a doormat screams 1996.
    Smart Solution: Smart home locks are your solution. They offer the unique ability to send “electronic keys” to visitors so they can access your property while you’re gone. This virtually eliminates the chance for a door to be left unlocked by mistake, or someone finding your spare key.
  • Mistake: You should never place a security sign in front of your home without having a real system installed. Why take a chance that a burglar calls your bluff?
    Smart Solution: Many DIY smart security systems can be inexpensive, and they’re a lot easier to install than you think. Motion and contact sensors will alert you of a possible break in through your phone.
  • Mistake: A poorly lit exterior of a property….well this is pretty self-explanatory
    Smart Solution: Wireless motion sensors and their accompanying lights can be installed near shrouded front, rear and side entrances to deter intrusions.
  • Mistake: Traditional doorbells open up the opportunity for a criminal to gauge when an individual is home or not
    Smart Solution: Through a smart video doorbell, homeowners can use live video stream on their phone to identify, and communicate with their guest when they are away.
  • Mistake: Failing to keep your home adequately lit while away on vacation makes it quite obvious that a home isn’t occupied
    Smart Solution: Remote lighting automation allows users the ability to control illumination in real time and schedule lights to be turned on and off at specific times.
*Burglary statistic is in accordance to Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) Uniform Crime Reports in 2014

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