Finding the Right Real Estate Agent


My husband and I recently closed on our first home. (Wahoo!) Even though the idea of buying a home was exciting it was also a little overwhelming. I knew right away that the first step in our journey was to find the right agent. In fact, I was so eager that I began researching about eight months before we were even planning on moving. There are several factors that I took into consideration when looking for the perfect agent.


The first thing we looked for was an experienced agent with community knowledge. It was important for us to work with an agent that specialized in the your area. We also researched how long the agent had been in the industry. If the agent didn’t specifically state the number of years they’d worked in real estate, a good tip or trick of the trade is to check out their sold history.


I never try a new restaurant or buy a product online without reading the reviews first; so of course I wouldn’t work with an agent without checking out their testimonials! I would have preferred to have worked off of a recommendation from a friend or family member (Seems simple enough, right?) but no one we know had purchased a home recently in/around the area we were looking to move. So we looked for an agent that had a robust profile with testimonials from previous clients demonstrating their experiences. Testimonials clue you into the type of person the agent is including their level of professionalism, availability and personality.


Find a top rated agent! Most agents have a list of their awards and certifications on their profiles. Awards are a testament to how the agent’s peers view their commitment to the industry. Special certifications also show that the agent has invested their time and money into expanding their real estate knowledge and continuing their education.

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