Housewarming Gifts for Different Personalities

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Whether you are attending a housewarming party or finding the perfect gift for a client who just closed on their home, here are some unique ideas for gifts that match different personalities:

The Transplants

In an area like Chicago and Milwaukee, it seems that everyone is from somewhere else. Commemorating a new home with a piece of art that celebrates their home states can be a great way to personalize a housewarming gift for buyers from all over.


The Dog Lover

If you have a friend or client who is smitten with their dog (or kitten), there are a ton of great gifts for the animal lover.

The Cook

My mom still has the first Pyrex casserole dishes she received as wedding gifts. This personalized dish makes a great gift because it’s extremely useful, personalized and it helps makes sure the recipient’s dish won’t walk off at a potluck or family gathering.

The First Time Homebuyer

If someone has never owned a home then they may lack the simple tools it takes to make a house a home. This DIY Housewarming Bucket can be personalized any way you’d like, but some of my favorite items are WD-40, D-ring picture hooks, painters tape and, of course, a bottle of wine.

The DIYers

I normally try to steer clear of gift cards, but if you know new homeowners who have some DIY projects planned, then a gift card to The Home Depot, Lowes or another local home improvement store is the perfect fit. They will probably be spending a lot of time, and money, there. Plus, these Home Depot gift card holders are super cute.

home-depot-card-holders-720x482 (1)

What is your favorite gift to give a new homebuyer?

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