How Marketing Helps Sell Your Home


When you are selling your home, you want to get the most money you can for it as quickly as possible. Marketing is intended to help you do just that, but it has to be done right. Here are some of the things to think about as you prepare to list your property.

Professional Photos – The first thing a potential buyer is going to do when looking at your listing online is browse through the pictures. This puts a very high importance on the quality of those images. Do not upload pictures taken with a cell phone. Make sure the room is well lit but most importantly CLEAN! Nobody wants to see a mess. Pro-tip: Video is also gaining in popularity and should be considered.

Detailed Description – If the photos have caught your potential buyers’ attention then they may go on to read the description. There are a few things to avoid when writing this; don’t abbreviate bedroom as “BR” or dining room as “DNG RM,” spell it out to avoid confusion. Avoid over-using enormous, elongated, elaborate synonyms; less can be more. Finally, include any important information the buyer will care about such as a new roof or recently replaced furnace.

MLS Marketing – Do you know what the MLS is? MLS stands for “Multiple Listing Service” and is basically the heart of all listings available. Now do you know how to get your listing on the MLS? I know I don’t, but I do know when you work with a Realtor that will take care of this for you. If you’re doing a “For Sale by Owner” then you may be missing out on this cornerstone selling opportunity.

Agent Advantage – This seems like an awful lot to do. Lucky for you, there are professionals who do this on a daily basis AND they’re good at it. Having a real estate agent gives you a great advantage to selling your home for the most money as quickly as possible. An agent will hire professional photography and maybe even videographer, they will write a description perfectly describing your home and will have it on not only the MLS, but all the web sites that buyers search.

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