Reasons Why Your Home Isn’t Selling (And How to Fix Them)

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Are you wondering why your home has been on the market for months and you haven’t had any offers? We rounded up 5 reasons why it may have not sold yet, and ways to fix them.


The current market, location, and condition of your home are all factors that play into your selling price. Of course, you want to get the best price possible. But, be careful – pricing your home too high can work against you. If the price of similar homes on the market doesn’t compare, you could be at a disadvantage. If your home is initially overpriced, you could be lose momentum from the start. Of course, the advice of a Realtor is invaluable to price your home correctly.

Poor Photos

A picture says a thousand words. Totally cliché, but couldn’t be more true. These days, we do a lot of our shopping online and it’s no different when shopping for a home. Imagery is what catches a buyer’s interest and gets them through the door. If you have sub-par photos, potential buyers may be passing right by your home. Make sure that you have high quality photos of key rooms, features, and exterior.

Walls need a makeover

1. Your walls are too bold and colorful
2. Your walls are neutral but haven’t seen fresh paint in years.

Do you fall into either of these two categories? A fresh coat of paint goes a long way. Bold walls are awesome, and have a lot of personality. However, it may not be in the buyer’s taste.

If your walls are neutral to begin with, use the same or similar shade and paint a fresh coat. Your rooms will look brighter, newer and will appeal to a larger spectrum of potential buyers.

Too much of “you”

Your family photos are lovely, and your children’s drawings on the fridge are precious. Unfortunately, buyers don’t see it that way. If there’s too much of “you” in the house, it makes it hard for the buyer to get past that and picture themselves in the property. Removing personal touches like photos, collectibles, travel tchotchkes, etc. could be one simple way to boost buyers interest.

Abundance of furniture

When you’re serious about selling, it helps to keep things very minimalistic and neutral. You want to open up the floor plan as much as possible so that the buyer can see the full potential of the livability. Put extra furniture in storage, and only keep the essentials: couch, chair, dining table, etc.

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