Tips to Master Golf Equipment Storage

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The Masters has begun and that means one thing: golfing is back for Midwesterners. Chances are, 15 minutes before your next tee time, you’ll scramble to fetch your clubs from a dark, damp corner of your home’s basement crawl space, or embark on a painstakingly long treasure hunt to find your lucky golf glove and hat. Truthfully, it doesn’t have to be that disorganized and difficult. There are a number of cost effective ways to conveniently store golf equipment in your house.

Tips to help you find a home for all your golf items:

Where to store? The garage or a conveniently located shed can be an ideal spot to house golf equipment. This makes for easy loading into your car, and also removes any chance of tracking mud and sand into the home, by way of your clubs/gear. Additionally, if these items aren’t hidden well within your house, they can become an eye sore during a party or get together.

What storage, is good storage? Sturdy shelving/wire racks can be a great place to hold your larger items such as a bag, shoes, divot fillers, etc. As for the smaller pieces, like extra golf tees and balls/markers, simple drawer units that close securely, can thwart any chance of the aforementioned miscellaneous items from falling out, and rolling away. Wall hooks are also cheap, easy to install, and perfect for golf towels and hats.

Sharing is not caring (in this case). Don’t place your clubs and gear in a storage unit that houses other goods. You could easily snag your expensive golf bag on a fishing pole hook, or have a heavy tool box crush the shaft of your brand new driver. Always try to confine your equipment to a separate space. This not only keeps them out of harm’s way, but will also ensure that everything can be easily found in one spot.

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