Do-It-Yourself Kitchen Upgrades

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The reasons we love DIY projects is because they’re interactive, fun, money-saving and you can see the fruits of your labor once all is said and done. With our kitchens as the heart of our home, it only makes sense that we want that room to shine.

Here are some weekend DIY projects that will give your kitchen a fresh new look.

A fridge makeover:

Who would have thought that you could wallpaper your fridge? This hot trend is making its way into people’s kitchens; and though a little bit “out there,” it looks pretty cool. An added perk is that the wallpaper easily comes off so you can switch it up every few years.  If you dare to give your kitchen a bold statement, the Aunt Peaches blog provided some easy to follow steps here.

Painting old cabinets:

Give your kitchen a completely new look by simply painting your cabinets. Though this project may be a bit time consuming, you will be saving hundreds or even thousands of dollars. Just use this step by step guide on “How to Paint Kitchen Cabinets” created by Kassandra of, the Little Dekonings  blog for all the needed tools and materials.

A lazy Susan organization upgrade:

When it comes to our homes, spring is synonymous with cleaning and organization – and that goes for our kitchens too. Create some order in your kitchen cabinets by making your very own Lazy Susan. What’s great here is that you have a rotating surface in the middle and still plenty of room for other items in the corners.  You can reference the “how-to” guide from I Heart Organizing, here.

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