5 DIY Backyard Games

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Summer is officially here which means backyard parties, BBQ’s and more. Entertaining your guests can make or break your party so here are some DIY games to make your party a hit. Starting with the easiest and moving to some more difficult ideas:

Backyard Bowling: You likely already have everything you need for this one in your house. Collect empty two liter bottles and fill them with sand, rocks or some form of weight. You’ll need at least six and up to ten. Then find a soccer ball or basketball and set up your pins in the yard, on your deck or patio, or on your sidewalk and have fun!

Lawn Twister: Making your own Twister game can be done in minutes. By spray painting the traditional six red, yellow, blue and green circles on your lawn you can have a custom sized twister game in your backyard. For a bigger and better game you can add colors to the mix. (Pro tip: For perfect circles, cut out a hole in the bottom of a box as a stencil.) When you’re done, just mow the lawn and the game is gone.

Yard Yahtzee: There are two ways this can be made, the hard way and the easy way. The hard way would involve buying 4”x4” wood post and cutting it down every 4 inches to create perfect squares. The easy way would be to go to a local craft store and buy pre-cut wooden blocks. Next, paint dots 1-6 on all six sides of each block. Then throw your jumbo dice into a bucket and roll away! (Don’t forget you’ll need scorecards, too).

Giant Jenga: Here’s a project that requires a little more handiwork and some power tools. You’ll need to buy eight standard length 2”x4”, avoid any boards that are bowed or have knots in them. Next, sand them down on all sides; this will pay off ahead of time. Finally, cut them into 54 10.5 inch pieces and stack them up and get ready to play!

Ladder Golf: This is a game that is growing in popularity but the consumer grade ones seem a bit cheap. Making your own requires some work but it will pay off.

  1. You’ll need two 2”x4” cut 48” tall.
  2. Drill a hole 1” in diameter located 3” from the end. Make two more holes, one at 15” and one at 27”. Repeat this on the other 2”x4”.
  3. You’ll need three 1” dowels cut 36” in length. Assemble your letter by running the dowels through the holes using wood glue to secure them in place.
  4. Make feet by drilling a 2”x4” that is 24” long to the bottom of each upright, making a T-shape.
  5. Finally you’ll need 12 golf balls with a quarter inch hole drilled through the middle. Run 12” rope through two golf balls and tie off the ends

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