Making Room for Two

0 How to Move In Together (Without Killing Each Other)
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Let’s face it. Moving in with your significant other can be, well, stressful. So whether you’re buying a house together or one person is moving in with another, here are some tips to make things run smoothly:

Take inventory of your belongings, find duplicates then toss, sell or donate the extras. The more stuff you have, the more your move will cost, the longer it will take and the more cluttered your home will be. So now is the perfect time to see what you each have and get rid of any duplicates or objects you no longer use or need.

Figure out how you will divide bills BEFORE you move in. Money is the top reason couples fight. Make sure it isn’t an issue by setting guidelines before you even hire the movers. In fact, who’s paying the movers? Are you going to split everything 50/50 or does one person pay the cable and water and the other pay the electric? Do you pool your money or have separate accounts?

Choose the décor together. One person may be the dominant decorator, but if the other party has no say then they may not feel at home. Make room for each other’s special treasures so it feels like home for both of you. This can be especially difficult if one person moves into a home which was already occupied by the other. In that case, the partner who lived in the home first should ask for ways to make the other feel at home. Even if a change isn’t made, the new party will feel like the other is open to change.

Figure out housework and chores. Do you have that one chore that you absolutely can’t stand? It’s possible your partner may not mind doing that chore. Before you move in together, go over the everyday chores and assign responsibilities. If they are responsibilities that you share, then make a schedule and stick to it.

Have a private space. Whether it’s the back porch or an office, having a space where you can go to have a bit of private time can be a relationship-saver.

Last, but not least. Enjoy. Enjoy living with the person you love and recognize that this can be the beginning of a great adventure.

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