Pokémon Go: Real Estate Edition

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Still in its infancy, Pokémon Go is quickly becoming the next big phenomenon and business aren’t wasting any time in utilizing its benefits.

For those of you who aren’t on the Pokémon Go bandwagon just yet, it is a free augmented reality app game developed by Niantic and release in July 2016. The game that already has millions of users across the globe uses advanced GPS mapping, allowing players to walk around in real-time to capture Pokémon. The map shows local landmarks such as parks and restaurants and uses them as “lures” or “Pokéstops” where players can go and capture Pokémon; or as “gyms” where players can go battle each other.

For businesses, it means that they have an opportunity to not just attract virtual creatures, but real customers, too. But what can it mean for real estate?

Being relatively new to the game, I went on a Pokémon walk with a few friends last Friday night. I felt like I looked ridiculous at first, but when I saw groups of friends, couples and parents with their kids doing the exact same thing, I felt a little more at ease. I was very surprised to see such a broad demographic of gamers.

On my 5 mile roundtrip Poke-walk, I passed by a number of open house signs and ‘for sale’ properties and that got me thinking…How can real estate agents use this to their advantage? So, here’s how:

  • For Sale/For Rent listings: As you’re trying to market your homes via social media, postcards and other mailing pieces, think outside the box for just a moment. What else can be done to draw in a crowd? Assess the listing, location, and if it would make sense for your property and desired clientele. By setting up Pokémon lures through an in-app purchase, you may increase foot-traffic to your listing. Keep in mind — not only kids are playing this game.  Go on social and share your Pokémon lure location. Offer free swag for visiting your location.
  • Open Houses:Similar to the ‘for sale’ listings, lures can increase the visibility of your open house but can also increase the number of interested buyers to actually go inside and see the home.
  • Photos: Is there a Pokemon outside your listing? What about taking a screen capture of the Pokemon by your for sale sign to share on social media? It’s fun and very sharable.

Definitely use your best judgement when considering this. Think about the listing attributes and desired clientele. If you’re trying to sell a multi-million dollar property in a quiet neighborhood in the burbs, this marketing strategy may not be idea for you. But, if you’re selling a moderately-priced condo in the city, maybe this is something you’d want to explore.

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