6 Tips for Successful Summer Open Houses


We can all agree that it’s hot outside; and so is the market. So if your real estate agent or you are considering, ensuring these things are in order can help to make it a successful summer event.

Air conditioning: Make your guests feel comfortable by keeping the air conditioning at a cool, even temperature. During the day, set the thermostat between 68°F and 72°F. To prevent the house from cooling off too much, you can also program the thermostat to about 78° at night. Help distribute the air flow by running ceiling fans.

Keep it clean: As with any home showing, keep your counter tops and all surfaces clean and clutter free. During an open house, people look in closets and fridges, so it’s a great idea to make sure all those areas are clean to make a great first impression on buyers.

Help potential buyers keep it clean, too. Summer dirt or mud can easily be tracked into your home by people browsing. Protect your floors by providing booties in a basket by the door.

Provide refreshments: Many potential buyers visit several open houses in a day. Offering them a cold glass of water or lemonade (if you’re feeling adventurous) will give them a reason to stay a little longer. Also, supplying snacks or treats will help re-energize them for your tour. If you have a real estate agent, they often provide this service for you along with providing marketing materials that potential buyers can take with them.

Flowers: Fresh cut flowers are essential to any open house, especially in the summer. They add color and warmth to the room. Depending on the flower they can also be a natural air freshener.

Stay away: You may feel like you want to be at the open house to answer questions, but that works against you. Often potential buyers feel awkward with the current homeowner hovering and they will rush through a property. Instead, let your real estate agent handle the showings. They can provide knowledge to the potential buyers and are professionals who know when to help and when to stay back and let the buyer explore.

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