Get Your Home Back-to-School Ready

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Back-to-school season upon us. Now is the right time to get your children and your home ready for a new schedule. Starting with a clean slate is key. Organizing the kitchen, closets, and children’s homework stations, are just a few ways to ease back into a new routine.

Here are a few tips to getting your home ready for back-to-school:

  1. Prep their homework station: Children need a comfortable, organized area where they can concentrate on their school work. School books, stationary and writing utensils should be all within reach. A desk doesn’t have to be boring – choose patterned or colorful bins, folders and organizers to add some interest and make it an area that’s reflective of their style.
  2. Prep their closet: An organized closet is one way to simplify the getting-ready process in the morning. With chillier nights soon approaching, make sure that some outwear pieces are within reach. Get rid of clothing that is too small or that has too much wear – it will open up the closet for back-to-school shopping.
  3. Prep your kitchen: Organize your pantry and cabinets for simpler lunch prep in the mornings. Arrange your container drawer so that you can quickly grab a container with matching lid. Set up an area in your pantry with a variety of snacks and grab-and-go breakfast bars. By putting them within kids’ reach on lower shelves, you can encourage them to help with the snack portion of their lunches.
  4. Prep your storage: Make room in your coat closet or mudroom. When kids are in school it’s important for them to have a place where they can hang up their backpack, coats and store their sports equipment. It will make for less daily cleanup.

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