5 Tips to Find the Perfect Rental

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Finding the right rental property can be a daunting task if you don’t know what you’re looking for. Before you sign the dotted line, consider the handful of tips below to ensure you’re committing to a place that fits within your wants and needs.

  • Security – Whether you’re renting a single family home or apartment, pay close attention to the safety measures in place for your overall protection. A 24-hour door person, door/lock quality, and alarm systems can have a significant impact on your well-being, or even the potential cost of renters insurance.
  • Word of Mouth – During a showing, if you see any people in the hallways of the building or elevator, be sure to ask them what their thoughts are on the property, area, tenants, etc. They will be a good indicator of what it would be like to live there on a regular basis. You can ask similar questions to a next door neighbor if you’re considering a single family home rental.
  • Fine Print – Is it six months? 12 months? What are the stipulations if you break the lease? Does a company own the building or is it held by a single individual? Are heat or any other utilities included? Security deposits can vary greatly, so be sure to look into these, as well.
  • Parking – How many spots come with the rental property? Is the cost included in the rent or is that a separate expense? Where is the property located in relation to the rental? On site or down the street? These items can have a significant impact both financially and in terms of convenience.
  • Laundry – Be sure to ask your agent about laundry offerings. Are they in-unit or on the premises? If not, is there a laundromat nearby? The act of washing clothing isn’t fun to begin with, so it’s in your best interest to make sure your rental provides you with the amenities you’re most comfortable with.

Remember, a real estate professional can help you in your search. They don’t just buy and sell homes, many also find people find the perfect temporary home as well.

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