How to Prepare your Homes for a Showing [VIDEO]

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First impressions can be everything – especially when it comes to real estate showings. That said, as a seller, it’s important to create an experience that paints a positive picture of your home. Simply throwing a listing pamphlet at a prospective buyer as they navigate their way through a dark, hot, messy property, will likely end in them passing on the home – no matter how incredible it may be.

Following are a number of tips that will help you create the efficient, professional showings your home deserves.

Create a refuge: Ensure the air conditioning is set to a reasonable temperature. Your real estate agent may already offer a variety of snacks or water to prospective buyers before or after their showing, if not leave some behind to keep guests happy. The more comfortable your guests are, the longer they’ll potentially stay to experience your home’s redeeming qualities.

Let there be light: Walk through your home and ensure all of the shades/blinds in each room are open; natural light can be your best friend. For evening showings or in windowless areas, be sure to turn on lights, where necessary; don’t be afraid to temporarily relocate lamps to spaces that need additional illumination.

Make a home a house: You know the saying, “make a house a home”? Well, generally speaking, you should, but for the purposes of a showing, toss that direction out the window for the time being. Gather up photos (on furniture and walls) of your precious moments and store them away in a closet or crawl space. It is always best to keep your property looking as neutral as possible, allowing potential buyers the ability to envision themselves living there.

Keep it clean: Ensure all areas of your home are clean – in every sense of the word. Declutter desks, coffee tables and counter tops of personal items; leave out candles, flowers and other accent pieces in these areas to heighten the aesthetics.

Pet control: If you are a pet owner, ask a friend or family member to take them for a walk or occupy them outside of the property as showings are going on. Potential buyers could be easily distracted by a hyper pet, or their allergies could steer them away from taking the time to really immerse themselves in the home.

Now it’s time to disappear during the open house. Go sit at a coffee shop, visit with friends or runs some errands. Buyers want to tour the home without feeling like the homeowners are hovering. Your only job now is to not worry, your real estate agent will handle everything else!

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