Tailgating at Home

September 18, 2016 at 7:30 pm  •  Posted in Blueprint, DIY by  •  0 Comments

Football fans are officially awake from their off-season hibernation and can once again cheer on their favorite teams. With this adrenaline filled time of year comes the resurrection of thick hearty dishes such as chili, robust stout beers, weekends spent in jerseys, and of course, the ever-popular art of tailgating.

Sure, there’s no substitute for making the fearless trek to your local sports team’s stadium to spend the day surrounded by charcoal smoke, good food and company, but sometimes it just isn’t in the cards.

That said, look no further than your home to bring the tailgating experience to you.

Following are a handful of tips you can reference as you tackle your first at-home tailgate:

Park your cars strategically on the driveway to make room for your guests to move about freely and utilize the tailgate (if you own a pick-up truck) or trunk as a makeshift buffet table to showcase your food choices.

Take advantage of your land by setting up bags (or corn hole, depending on where you’re from), bocce ball and/or by hosting a pick-up game of football in your front yard.

Within your garage, set up collapsible tables for friends and family to take a load off while they enjoy your food and drinks; the garage is also a great spot to seek refuge should Mother Nature choose to rain (or snow) on your party.

If space and electrical outlets allow, bring one of your televisions outside to the garage and set it up so football fans can stop in from outside to watch the big game.

Wheel your grill into the front of your house so you can conveniently cook items and serve your guests.

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