Tips to Create a Kid-Proof Bathroom

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September is baby safety month and making your bathroom baby-safe should be at the top of your safety list. A clean baby is a happy baby, although not necessarily during the process. So grab your rubber duckies and let’s get started.


Just like in every room of the house, keep storage and medicine cabinets locked to keep little ones out of cleaning supplies or medicine. It’s also important to get a safety lock for the toilet. Many parents understand the danger of their little ones falling into the bathtub water, but keeping children from getting into the toilet water is just as important.

Protective Gear

Toddlers are already a little unstable on their feet; so use nonskid mats inside the bathtub to prevent slipping. They especially love to play with the faucet so make sure to use covers for the spout. For your protection and comfort as you wash baby, try using a tub guard. They are cushioned to prevent bumps and bruises.


Always check the water temperature! According to Nationwide Children’s Hospital, the water should be just above 100°F. At this temperature, you’ll prevent baby from freezing or burning. If you don’t have a bath thermometer, you can use your elbow to test the water. The water should feel warm on your skin but not hot. Experts from the Baby Center recommend setting your water heater to 120°F. The default setting on most water heaters is 140°F which can severely injure a child.

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