5 Tips to Stage a Home in an Afternoon

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Sometimes time gets the best of us and we find ourselves in a pinch. You’re showing your house tomorrow morning and it is already one o’clock. Here are five tips to stage your home in one afternoon that will leave your house inviting and presentable to the potential buyers.

  1. Lawn care – First impressions are everything and the moment the buyers arrive to your house they are already deciding what they think of the property. Take some time and mow your lawn (front and back) and trim bushes or tree branches that have over grown.
    Time investment: 2 hours
  2. Clean out closet space – When you’re selling, you may decide to just throw “junk” into a closet somewhere and forgotten about. Clean all of that out to show the buyers how much space they will have to put their “junk.” If you are able, add extra shelves to maximize the space and leave behind just a few items to show the space in use.
    Time investment: 30 minutes
  3. Stage your bed – The bed is the focal point of the bedroom so it should be done up as much as possible. Tighten sheet corners, add a throw blanket, put out all of the pillows that you have and create relaxing spaces in all the bedrooms.
    Time investment: 15 minutes
  4. Freshen the air – Every home has its own scent. Unfortunately, buyers don’t want their future home to smell like your old home. Freshen up the air with a scent that fits the season. Use a pumpkin spice in the fall or fresh apple pie in the spring. Also use fabric cleaner to freshen up couches and chairs.
    Time investment: 5 minutes
  5. Neutralize – The final suggestion is to create a neutral environment. Buyers taste in decoration vary drastically so you want to be ready for anything. Walk through your home and replace or remove anything that is not neutral. Sports memorabilia, personal photos, ornate wall décor and doll collections may be distracting so stick with the simple canvas paintings, clocks and mirrors.
    Time investment: 20 minutes

Total time investment: 3 hours, 10 minutes

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