5 Ways to Light Up Your Walkway this Halloween

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Welcome trick-or-treaters to your home with a lighted walkway on Halloween!  There are many commercial holiday lighting products you can buy, but Halloween is about kids—making decorations and making memories. So I’m suggesting some fun walkway lighting crafts to create with your kids.

Each of these calls for adding a candle for light. You can choose real candles, but the flickering, flameless type that are battery powered are very safe and won’t blow out.

Halloween Luminaria



You can make beautiful outdoor lanterns starting with a simple brown paper bag. The rest of the supplies for these lighted decorations are easy to find, and the process is simple. Make one finished luminaria in advance to show your kids and get their imaginations flowing to come up with their own designs. Click here to find all the instructions! In addition to walkway lighting, another idea is to spell out a Halloween-themed word or short phrase with the luminaria on your front lawn. Think along the lines of “Boo!” or “Magic” or “Scary Night.”

Mason Jar Luminaria

Another luminaria lantern uses mason jars or other similarly sized food jars. Gather enough for both sides of your walkway, add sand, candles or glow sticks. You can also cut small tissue paper pieces in light yellow, orange and darker orange. Lightly glue them to the outside of the mason jar. When lit, this produces a multi-colored, dimensional glow. Click here for instructions and several designs for mason jar luminaria.

Mini Jack O’ Lanterns

Make a pumpkin path! Buy enough small pumpkins to line your walkway. Carve each with a simple design and add a flickering candle. Roast the seeds and enjoy a delicious snack!  Click here for a simple recipe.

Cemetery Pathway

Create multiple tombstones to line your walkway. Decorate with “Rest in Peace” signage and spooky epitaphs. Prop each against a small brick pile or large rock. Set a flickering candle at the base to light the tombstone stone. Click here for needed supplies and instructions.

Ghost Lights

Glowing “gallon” ghosts welcome guests along your walkway on Halloween! Create different expressions on each milk jug ghost and light inside.  Click here for “ghostly” directions!

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