Should I Buy a New House or Old House?

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Have you decided it’s time to start looking for a house?  Shopping for a house for the first time is very exciting!  But consider your options when looking at newer vs. older homes.  House hunting is sometimes an emotional process.  It may help to narrow down what fits into your lifestyle and budget before you begin your search.  How many newer vs. older boxes are on your checklist?

You may like new construction if:

_____ You like clean lines, modern finishes and have your own style.  When purchasing a new construction home, you may be able to choose your own finishes.

_____ You like, no, you need large closets.  Newer homes typically feature walk-in closets.

_____ You prefer an open floor plan which would be ideal for entertaining.

_____ You would really like a gas starter fireplace. This is usually an option in new construction.

_____ You like the idea of energy efficiency and saving money on utility bills.

_____ You like a quiet neighborhood and don’t mind the commute, since many homes are built in sub-divisions on the outskirts of town, away from all the traffic and noise.

_____ You would like the laundry on the bedroom level or at least on the first floor and not in the basement.

_____ You don’t want to do very much maintenance.  A newer home will typically need less repairs because it’s new!  And often new construction homes will come with a warranty on appliances and a builder warranty.

_____ You really don’t want a lot of yard work.  A newer home may have a smaller yard or even an HOA (Home Owner’s Association) that includes lawn care and snow removal which will cut down on your weekend chores!

You may enjoy an older home if:

_____ You crave charming features like: stained glass windows, hardwood floors, crown molding, custom built-ins, elegant staircases, window seats and wood burning fireplaces.

_____ You prefer your home to be an original.  If you don’t like the cookie cutter style of newer sub-divisions an older home may be a better choice for you.

_____ You are hoping for a formal dining room.

_____ You are hoping for a large yard with an old fashioned garden and enjoy working in the yard.  Older homes are generally in established neighborhoods with larger yards, mature trees and landscaping.

_____ You like cozy rooms with wood burning fireplaces.

_____ You enjoy walking to shops, restaurants, trains, parks and being close to the action.  Many times, older homes are in the most desirable locations close to downtown.

_____ You would like extra space to work on your hobbies. Older homes often have large basements.

_____ You are very handy or are a quick learner and own the right tools.  Older homes are often in need of repairs and updates.  If you enjoy the satisfaction of updating an older home and building sweat equity, an older home may be just right for you. And just imagine how beautiful and original your home will be when you finish!

How many boxes have you checked off?  Newer or older? Now all that is left is finding the perfect home.

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