Tips for Puppy Proofing Your Home

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They are cute, fuzzy, cuddly…and total menaces. That’s right, we are talking about puppies and your house has just become their playground. If you want to protect your house and your belongings, or most of them anyways, then keep some of these puppy proofing tips in mind.

  1. Crate your puppy! This is a very controversial idea among some people. It may appear as a prison cell but look at it more as a bedroom. Your puppy may not like it at first and they may cry but if you always give them a treat when they go into the crate and you cover the crate with a blanket then they will grow accustomed to the space and even go there on their own.
  2. Baby gates will be your best friend. Don’t just think of gates as a means of keeping your puppy out of things, but you can use them to keep her in places too. If you’re cooking in the kitchen, try gating your pup in with you so you can keep an eye on her.
  3. Pack up rugs and carpets; for the time being at least. Puppies may have a hard time determining the difference between the grass they should be relieving themselves on and the soft fabric of your bathroom rug. During the potty training stages, it is better to leave these out of the picture.
  4. Use natural floor/carpet cleaners. A good product is Nature’s Miracle, it will clean up the mess and remove any odor left behind so your pup won’t smell their scent and go in the same place again (hopefully).
  5. Enter and exit from one door. Puppies are creatures of habit and taking them in and out of the same door to do their business will teach them what direction to head when they need to go out. Hanging a bell from the door can also condition them to “ring” you when they need to go.
  6. Protect chewable items. From couches to pillows to baseboards to doors and more, your puppy may chew on some of the most bizarre things in your house. There are bitter sprays you can use on these items (or even your hands) which will deter such behaviors. Be sure to check the labels before applying to cloth items.

All these tips come from my own personal experiences with Mason, a 4 month old German Shepard puppy who is growing with every blink of my eyes. And don’t forget, Coldwell Banker is still partnering with to find homes for dogs (and puppies).  So if you’re looking to add a fuzzy menace to your family, try adoption first!

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