New Homeowner Tips: For Before and After You Buy

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Homeownership has been such a journey! It’s easily one of the best decisions I’ve ever made in my life. I’ve learned so much so far and there is still so much more to absorb. If you’re looking to purchase you’re first home, consider reviewing these ten helpful tips for before and after you buy your first home.

Before You Buy

Budget: It’s important to know how much you can afford. Make sure to calculate not only your monthly mortgage payments but all utilities, assessments (if applicable) and taxes as well.

Prequalify/preapproved: A preapproval not only solidifies how much you can afford for your own knowledge but it will show buyer’s that you have the money to back an offer.

Find an agent: I started researching agents about eight months prior to purchasing. Now you don’t necessarily have to start as early as I did but a real estate agent is a great resource especially for first time home buyers. Look for someone whose opinion you trust, is knowledgeable of the market and is readily available via phone or email.

Learn about the neighborhood: Find out the pros and cons to the neighborhood. Are you looking for a family oriented atmosphere or something with more of a younger vibe? Does it need to be near public transit or a highway?

Make an offer: Don’t be afraid to put in your bid! It can be a big reality check when you’ve finally found “the one” and it’s time to make an offer. Take a deep breath and do it!

Insurance: Home insurance is a must! In fact, many lenders won’t even give you a loan until you have proof of home insurance. So research companies to find out the best rates and coverage.

After You Buy

Inspection issues: Make a list to fix any remaining issues discovered during the inspection process that were not fixed prior to closing based on priority. Then tackle the list one project at a time.

Ventilation/air filters: Our home was completely renovated when we purchased it so it was especially important for us to have the vents cleaned out of any construction debris. However, it’s a good idea for anyone to have the air ducts cleaned just to remove any dust and start fresh. Also, make sure to change all of the air filters in the house.

Make it your own: Don’t be afraid to make your home your own! Buy new pieces of furniture, decorate and/or paint, but don’t break the bank! Keep in mind that you just bought a house and probably spent a good amount of your savings. Start small and build over time.

Get tax assistance: We’ve always done our own taxes but you better believe we will be going to a tax specialist this year to help us ensure we’ve taken advantage of any tax savings for which we qualify.

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