2017 Home Design Trends

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“New year, new start,” doesn’t only apply to our new year’s resolutions. Beginning of the year is great time to show a little TLC to our living spaces. In 2016 we saw a lot of geometric prints, faux fur throws and tech-less living spaces.

Let’s take a look at what fab trends 2017 has in store for us.

Navy is the name of the game: Though no one will replace classic black, navy blue is the new trendy color for 2017. It’s modern, yet traditional and works well as an accent color or as the statement piece. For a quick and easy way to adapt this trend, opt for some navy blue decorative pillows, curtains, accent chairs, or even paint an accent wall in this rich hue.

Copper isn’t just for Moscow Mules: Copper is continuing to trend well-into 2017. The warm metallic tone adds just the right amount of sparkle to your home and looks great with just about any textile, fabric and decorative style. I personally love the copper accented terrariums, or mirror frames.

Copper planter

Copper planter


Ghost décor: You’re probably familiar with the modern see-through chairs (ghost chairs) – but 2017 is taking acrylic furniture one step further. Acrylic coffee tables, bar carts and night stands are also being thrown into the mix and quite frankly, it looks pretty cool. Acrylic furniture works nicely with small living spaces because it can make the room seem more spacious.

Tech-escape: Much like last year’s tech-less living rooms, “escapism” continues to trend. With technology always at our fingertips it’s good to have a place at home where you can simply unwind without having any electronic distractions. Whether it’s a small area in your home that you designate as your personal getaway, or a spare bedroom – there’s no right or wrong way to go about it. Take some time and find your zen.

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