8 Bright Ideas to Lighten Up Your Home This Winter

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It’s been a long, long winter. If you are anything like me it’s always a long, long winter.  Most people spend a lot more time inside this time of year.  To avoid cabin fever you or if you’re selling your home you might want to lighten up a room in your home a bit!  Here are a few tips to get you started while waiting for the Spring thaw:

  1. Recessed lighting. Do you have a room that doesn’t have many windows to bring in the natural light?  Installing recessed lights in the ceiling will help brighten up any room.  Or under cabinet LED lights are ideal for the kitchen.
  2. Mirrors. Ok, don’t go too crazy with mirrors.  This isn’t the 70’s!  But hanging a mirror across the room from a window will reflect the light, bringing even more natural light into your room.  Adding metallic vases, picture frames, lamps and other accents on tables and shelves is another way to reflect the light in the room.
  3. Lighter background colors. Is the paint color too dark?  Use lighter shades of white and cream on your walls and ceiling.  Swap your area rug for white or a bright color.  Now you have a lighter canvas to work with.  Adding bright shades of gold and orange throw pillows will also brighten your living room.
  4. Lighter window treatments. Does your décor include heavy drapes or blinds?  Try hanging simple drapery panels in a lighter fabric and color that allows the sun to shine in.  Or consider light filtering shades or shutters.
  5. Use glass. Try replacing heavy table lamps with glass or metallic lamp bases.  The glass tricks the eye into looking right past it.  Be sure to use a light colored shade.  Replacing a dark wood table with a glass table will also do the trick!
  6. Less is more light. Less furniture and less stuff on the tables and shelves will make the room feel instantly lighter.
  7. Fresh flowers. First remove that dusty silk Dracaena plant you’ve kept in the corner for years (or your version of it).  Pick up some inexpensive fresh cut flowers from your local market.  Arrange the flowers in a pretty glass vase.  Flowers instantly refresh and lighten any room.
  8. Light timers. Plug your living room lamps into inexpensive timers and set them so the lights turn on right before your usual return time.  It’s a great safety tip and a nice welcome home.

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