Finding The Right Real Estate Professional


Finding the right real estate professional is a big deal. Okay, it’s a REALLY big deal. Why you might ask? Well, he or she will serve as the maestro that will orchestrate one of the biggest investments of your life: buying and/or selling a home. Naturally you’re going to want that person to possess a plethora of redeeming qualities: loyalty, intelligence, dedication, and the list goes on and on. These characteristics aren’t far off from what one might look for in the dating world, and with that said, we’d like to provide you with a number of questions you should consider asking as you look to match with an agent that will sweep you off your feet.

Why should I work with you? Again, this could be the biggest investment of your life, you deserve to work with an agent that will benefit you the most. What is your background? A “been there, done that” resume can be extremely beneficial – from the stand point of strategic pricing and staging to robust market knowledge.

What communities/neighborhoods are your specialty? Match yourself with an agent that has experience buying and selling in your target areas, that way they know the homes, pricing, environment, etc.

Which housing types do you focus on? If an agent primarily lists single family homes, and you are selling a condo, they may not be privy to the nuances that go along with building management, a home owner’s association, communal living, etc.

How many homes did you and your brokerage sell last year? While this isn’t the only way to gauge the effectiveness of a Realtor, it helps to know if they can sell a home quickly, efficiently and for the right price.

How often and how will you communicate with us? They should set the expectations, so you are aware of how often they will be reaching out about updates on the marketing of your home or on your home search. You should also be able to choose your best communication method: phone, email, text, etc.

What is your marketing strategy? Make sure you’re getting your property in front of a large number of buyers, more importantly, the right buyers; targeted advertising, PR, social media and word-of-mouth are key.

Can you provide your three most recent client testimonials? Past clients can be an important window into the type of service you can expect with that particular agent.

Could you refer me to individuals that can assist with a mortgage, home inspections, lawyers, property repairs, etc.? This could reveal just how immersed an agent is within the industry and in the simplest of terms, showcase how much of an asset they can be to the real estate process.

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