Gifts Your Host Will Absolutely Adore

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If you’ve ever hosted a party around the holidays, you know how much planning and prepping goes into putting on a fabulous soiree. This year, though you may be off the hook with all the prep work, you still have a duty as a gracious guest to get your host a little something-something to thank them for all their hard work.

A nice bottle of wine is certainly still an option, but here are some other ideas for great gifts that your host will surely appreciate.

For the tea enthusiast: You can’t go wrong with gourmet loose-leaf teas, coupled with a tea infuser.

For the writer: If the host is anything like me, they prefer to write stuff down on paper instead of adding notes on the phone. Get them a small notebook with a stylized cover and a fountain pen. Write warm wishes on the first page as a little personal touch.

For the cheese lover: A set of cheese knives or a cheese board might be a good route to go with this type of host. If you’re feeling extra generous, pick up some gourmet cheeses at your local supermarket to accompany them.

For the mixologist: Do you have a friend of family member who is always mixing terrific libations? A set of Moscow Mule glasses paired with some ginger beer, limes and cute straws make an impressive and thoughtful gift.


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