Tips to Prep for Holiday Guests

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The holidays are here. With holidays comes holiday parties. With holiday parties comes holiday guests. Want to be totally ready for those guests? Here’s how:

  • Floor mats: There is a good chance your guests will be rushing in from the cold and snow and all of that melting snow and ice is going to drench your floors. Have loads of extra floor mats for guests to wipe and/or leave their boots and shoes on. If you don’t allow shoes in your home, then supply some warm house shoes.
  • Warm up: Provide your guests with various options to warm up. Making large batches of hot cocoa or hot cider are great choices. Start a fire if you have a fireplace and make sure that your thermostat is set to a comfortable temperature for all.
  • Grazing: Having a spread of muchies helps tie people over until dinner is ready. Consider getting a little festive by trying these great recipes.
  • Extra Dinnerware: With all the food and drinks you’re going to have out, be sure to load up on appetizer sized plates, punch cups, napkins and silverware/plastic ware.
  • Prep the facilities: Your bathroom is likely to be a high traffic area when you have guests over, prepare ahead of time for this by leaving out extra rolls of toilet paper, put out a new box of tissues and leave out an extra hand towel.

Happy entertaining!

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