The Best Months to Buy Home Goods

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It’s officially 2017, and with every New Year comes a slew of new things – especially as a homeowner. Maybe you’ve been itching to purchase a new microwave. Or your dog continues to mistaken your living room sofa for a chew toy, and now a replacement couch is necessary. Whatever it is that you need (or want) for your humble abode, it’s always important to keep in mind the best times to buy these items.

Below are a number of key months during the year to purchase various home goods for your property.

January – If you’re looking for a good deal on furniture, now is the time to start hunting, as new furniture models come out in February, and stores are looking to sell off older inventory.

February – Retailers will begin to heavily discount old models now. If you’re looking for a reasonably priced HD TV or a surround sound system for your home, this can be the best time to do it.

April – This is the month to fill your kitchen cabinets with new items. Cookware is typically marked down as graduation time and the wedding season approaches.

May – Remember, Memorial Day equals mattresses. The mattress industry offers sizable discounts on old items to open up their sales floor for new models.

July – After July 4, you can get that new grill you’ve been dreaming about. As the height of the grilling season comes to an end, retailers will start to lower the prices of these types of outdoor goods.

November – So it’s no surprise that the day after Thanksgiving – also known as “Black Friday” – is a great time to purchase just about anything. But more recently, retailers are trying to break through the clutter by offering incredible deals in the weeks leading up to “Black Friday”. Keep tabs on store websites in early-to-mid November for these types of incentives.

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