5 Reasons Being a Homeowner Rocks

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We became homeowners of an almost 100 year old home two years ago in December. Yes, we bought during the winter. And yes, it was a great decision. At first I was a little overwhelmed and a little scared about not having a landlord to rely on for repairs, but now I wouldn’t trade it for the world. I think it pretty much rocks. And here’s why:

  1. We can do whatever we want. Well, within reason and budget. If we want to knock down a wall, we can. Want to have a 4th of July party, not a problem. There is something freeing in knowing you have complete control and don’t have to ask for permission.
  2. We have saved money. By becoming homeowners and being smart about our mortgage options and refinancing, we are spending less than we would on rent and utilities in an average two-bedroom apartment in the area. Which has allowed us to save more.
  3. We are building home equity.  By making smart home improvements, we are building equity in the home and with certain larger improvements on the schedule, we will be increasing it even more.
  4. We could finally get a dog. We didn’t want to rescue a dog until we had our own home because being a renter means having to search for apartments that allow dogs, most likely paying extra for having a pet, dealing with neighbors who may not like them or the noise. Plus, many apartment buildings only allow small dogs or certain breeds. And our adorable 74-lb rescue dog wouldn’t fit into either category.
  5. A garage. I forgot how much having a garage rocks. Living in the city, I’ve always had street parking. Sometimes even forgetting exactly where I parked. Now I always know where I’m parked, I don’t have to de-ice my car on a winter morning, the car isn’t an oven in August, and I don’t have to store things in my trunk that you’d normally store in a garage. It is amazing.

No matter what type of home you purchase, the feeling of home is what will make you love being a homeowner. What are your favorite things about being a homeowner? 

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