Host an Oscar-Worthy Party

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If you enjoy hosting great theme parties, the 89th Academy Awards on Sunday, February 26, is a perfect occasion. Invite your film buff friends, roll out the red carpet and have some fun. Tell your guests it’s black tie— a good excuse to glam up! Ask a few friends to help by acting as photographers and interviewing hosts.

Celebrity Arrivals

As your guests arrive, hand each a card with the name of an Oscar-nominated star or celebrity whose identity they’ll be assuming for the evening. Have guest pose for photos on your red carpet. Record a short welcome interview with each and be sure to ask the classic Oscar-night question: “Who are you wearing?”

Champagne, heavy hors d’oeuvres and a fancy dessert

Set up small four-top tables with white cloths, flower centerpieces, and votive candles in the room where you’ll be watching the Oscars. Guests find their seats by matching their earlier “star identity” cards to celebrity place cards at each setting.

Serve champagne or a signature cocktail along with hot and cold heavy hors d’oeuvres. Choose items that are easy to make ahead of time so you can easily serve them and enjoy the party.

Create an elegant dessert in martini or cocktail goblets like chocolate raspberry mousse. For something more simple, make cupcakes in gold foil wrappers with gold star toppers.

Swag Bag Party Favors

Make a “swag bag” for each guest. Use sophisticated black paper gift bags, fill with gold tissue paper, tie with gold star ribbon or decorate with gold stars. Fill with miniature liqueur bottles, individually wrapped chocolates, a packet of movie-night popcorn, sparkly nail polish, a tin of mints and set of notecards held by a magnetic clip.

Games People Play

Oscars Trivia. Play trivia using categories like past Oscar winners, famous lines from a movie, stars who have never won an Oscar or have won the most. Save a few questions to play during commercials.

Guess the Winners. Pass out an Oscars winners ballot with each of the major categories for guests to fill out. Collect them before the awards ceremony begins. The person who guesses the most winners wins a prize. Studio DIY creates a downloadable Oscars ballot every year so you can join in.

Oscars Bingo. Give everyone a 2017 Oscars bingo card to mark as the items in the squares actually happen during the telecast. The first person to get “Bingo” wins a prize (bottle of wine, two movie passes to local theater, etc.).

Later, edit your party video footage into a “best of the Oscars party,” and share the link with your guests.

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