The Perfect Stay-at-Home Valentine’s Day Guide

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This guide is sure to lead you to a Valentine’s Day like none you’ve had before, but it takes at least one day of planning. I promise it will be fun for both parties and will mix up your Valentine’s Day.

Scavenger Hunt – Start the morning with a scavenger hunt. Put the first clue somewhere easy to find. From there, leave a trail of clues leading to some fun surprises throughout the day. If you want to control their pace, put a “do not open until [TIME]” on each clue. Here is one special scavenger hunt that could provide some inspiration.  I would recommend ending somewhere in the kitchen where you can have dinner prepared.

Valentine’s Dinner – I’ll let you decide what your Valentines’ favorite meal is but whatever you make, pull out all the stops. Start the table setting with a red table cloth, light some candles, accent the table with a single red rose or scatter rose petals. Dim the lights and put on some romantic music and enjoy each other’s company.

Dinner Conversation Stones – Instead of your normal dinner conversation, try these fun conversation starters. It is simply easy topics such as “favorite vacation” or “most romantic memory.” There are instructions and conversation topics here or you can get creative and make up your own.

Valentine Jenga – It’s Jenga but each block has something fun written on it. Once again, get creative here. Write a question or a dare. Make your partner give you a foot massage or have them dance with you. Be as bold as you like! Here is a guide to a creative DIY Valentine’s Jenga.

What is your favorite way to celebrate?

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