Real Estate Agent Safety Tips

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If you’re a Realtor, you’re probably someone who enjoys meeting new people. It’s often one of the best parts of the job. But it’s also true that, in many cases, you’re meeting someone for the first time. And at Coldwell Banker we believe safety should come first, so it is wise to practice these and other safety tips until they become a habit.

Overall, try to work with a partner whenever possible.

Personal Marketing Materials

  • Keep personal marketing information and photos very professional.
  • Avoid wearing expensive jewelry in your photos.
  • List only business contact information.

Meeting with a client for the first time

  • Always let your office and a personal contact know where you are.
  • Before a listing appointment or showing, ask the client to stop by your office so you can learn a little more about him or her. Ask the client to fill out an information form with name, address, phone and vehicle information. Photocopy their driver’s license.
  • Bring another agent or coworker along to a showing or listing appointment.
  • Try to schedule appointments for during the day.
  • Be friendly, but don’t share too much personal information.

Driving to Showings

  • Take separate cars.
  • Park on the street so you’re not blocked in.

Open Houses

  • Hold open houses with a coworker.
  • Leave your purse in the trunk of your car and keep keys in a pocket.
  • Always walk behind buyers. Let them enter the next room first.
  • Keep your cell phone in your hands at all times with emergency numbers pre-programmed.
  • Know where the exits are in case you need to leave quickly.
  • Be most aware at the end of an open house. A criminal may assume there is now a window of time when no one else will be arriving.

Trust Your Gut

If you get an uneasy feeling, listen to it. Remove yourself from the situation. Don’t worry about offending a client.

Have an excuse ready. Say your cell phone just went off, and you have to call the office. Create a code sentence with your office and don’t want the person to know you’ve sent an alarm. Or, pretend to receive a call from another agent with buyers on the way.

Take extra care when showing a vacant home or showing a home at night.

Make these safety precautions a habit. You’ll feel more relaxed knowing you always take these security steps.

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