5 Tips for Buying a Family Home

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For many people, finding a new home is more than a matter of personal taste and financial considerations – it’s a family affair. Perhaps the your first house hunt was before kids, cats, hamsters and job changes happened. Here are some things to keep in mind when considering potential new homes for your family:

  1. Proximity to extended family. Not only does living close to extended family make getting together at the holidays easier, it can also provide much-needed support. Family members are a great resource for babysitting, puppy-sitting, home projects or lending a hand during the move.
  1. Surrounding neighborhood. Look beyond location and curb appeal to determine if a community could work for your family. Carefully review what the neighborhood offers children, such as local recreational centers, parks or playgrounds – as well as the school system – before deciding to move there.
  1. Existing floor plan. Each family has its own unique dynamic and should take its distinctive needs into consideration when exploring different floor plans.
  1. Future lifestyle needs. Make sure the home you purchase leaves room to grow so it will still fit your family’s needs a few years down the road, especially if there are plans to grow your family.
  1. Budget. This is one of the most important considerations, as a growing family usually means a growing list of expenses as well. Estimate monthly expenses along with a mortgage payment to ensure all financial commitments can be reasonably met.

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