St. Patrick’s Day Party Ideas

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On St. Patrick’s Day, everybody’s Irish and looking to celebrate. So plan a party! Bust out something green to wear, invite your guests to do the same and get into the spirit on Friday, March 17.

St. Patrick’s Day is all about traditions and there’s no shortage of ways to celebrate Irish heritage and culture.


Try decorating with some Shamrocks – as it’s the most recognized symbol of Ireland. Make some from scratch with the kids. Just like the three leaves of a clover, did you know that the Celts believed the number three had mystical powers?

Leprechauns are also a fun touch. Irish folklore says if you catch a leprechaun, he will grant three wishes. But they’re tricksters, so your three wishes might not be a given.

Pots o’ gold.  Leprechauns were said to store the money from their shoe making trade at the end of a rainbow. Set little pots o’ gold around the room filled with gold chocolate coins.

Irish Music

Create a party spirit with some lively Irish music. Here are some soundtracks to help you out:

St. Patrick’s Day Cocktails

St. Patrick’s Day traditionally includes green beer. Offer a couple of Ireland’s most popular beers and include a lighter colored lager to which you can add a few drops of green food coloring. You can also create a traditional Irish whiskey cocktail  or a green punch as options.


Serve an array of traditional Irish foods and others that are in the St. Patrick’s Day spirit of green. Consider: Irish Shepherd’s PieIrish Potato PancakesIrish soda bread, Irish shortbread cookies in shamrock shapes, mint ice cream torte. Dessert drinks could include Grasshoppers made with heavy cream or ice cream or Bailey’s Irish crème over ice

St. Patrick’s Day Games

If your friends enjoy games, there are many printable St. Patrick’s Day bingo, trivia, and match games to download.

Or, fill a mason jar with green, gold and white St. Patrick’s Day candy. Whoever comes closest to guessing the total number wins.

Hold a “Pot o’ Gold Coin Toss.”  Each player gets 10 chocolate coins to toss. The person landing the most coins in the pot wins. Have first, second and third place prizes. Top prizes could be a bottle of Irish whisky, a stuffed leprechaun, or even a very lucky lottery ticket.

Most important is to enjoy your friends on St. Patrick’s Day. Raise your drink and say “Slàinte!” (health).

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