The Ultimate Indoor Spring Cleaning Checklist

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The word “ultimate” is a pretty extreme word and should not be taken likely. However, in this case, I believe it is appropriate. This spring cleaning checklist may have items on it that do not apply to you, but that is just what makes it so “ultimate!” If you are thinking about selling your home, this would also be a great checklist can help you get ready.

So review the items below and get cleaning!

□ Wash windows (inside and out) and window sills

□ Dust fan blades, light fixtures and exposed bulbs

□ Dust cobwebs from ceilings

□ Clean remote controls

□ Dust every flat surface (end tables, coffee tables, TV’s, etc)

□ Vacuum lamp shades

□ Clean blinds or curtains

□ Wipe down door handles and light switches

□ Vacuum out air vents

□ Change air filter in furnace

□ Vacuum floors, moving large furniture that you usually clean around

□ Clean mop boards

□ Clean carpets

□ Vacuum beneath cushions

□ Clean couch fabric/leather

□ Disinfect the inside of your refrigerator

□ Defrost your freezer

□ Wash wood/tile floors and clean grout

□ Organize kitchen cabinets and throw out unwanted items

□ Sweep out garage

□ Empty out closets, reorganize them, get rid of unwanted items

□ Disinfect inside of microwave

□ Disinfect stovetop

□ Vacuum out build-up from under oven

□ Bleach toilets

□ Wash bathroom rugs

□ Clean bathtub

□ Clean out and reorganize bathroom drawers/closet

□ Disinfect all bathroom surfaces and wash walls

□ Plunge drains (kitchen sink, bathroom sink, bathtub/shower drain)

□ Wipe down cabinets

□ Scrub your kitchen sink

□ Clean out dryer vents

□ Organize and clean desk area and drawers

□ Shake out rugs and floor mats

□ Change your sheets/comforter

□ Flip your mattress

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