4 Easy Upgrades for New Homeowners

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Naturally, new homeowners want to maintain and improve their new residence. Here are a few upgrades to help ensure your biggest investment stays in top shape for a long time.

Make sustainable updates to the home. The cost of improving energy efficiency varies significantly depending on the type of upgrade. Installing LED lights is quite inexpensive, but a larger project like installing new green flooring could cost several thousand dollars. While these investments can pay back in the long term, it’s important to budget and plan ahead.

Maintain and add to the landscape. In addition to maintaining the lawn, homeowners can also tailor the landscape to fit their personal preferences. This could mean planting new trees for shade, adding shrubbery and colorful flower beds to make the yard more attractive, or installing a deck or patio for entertaining.

Personalize rooms with paint. Before being listed for sale, many homes are painted neutral colors like taupe, white or gray in order to appeal to more buyers. New homeowners have the opportunity to make each space their own, quickly and inexpensively, by adding color.

Replace the doors and windows. Over the years, doors and windows get worn down by climate conditions and repeated use. It’s a good idea to replace doors – especially the front door – to avoid cracks, air leaks and other problems. Installing new windows is another smart option, as it can be an opportunity to upgrade to energy-efficient double-pane windows to help reduce utility bills.

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