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5 Reasons Being a Homeowner Rocks

 •  February 17

We became homeowners of an almost 100 year old home two years ago in December. Yes, we bought during the winter. And yes, it was a great decision. At...

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6 Home Flooring Trends to Consider

 •  February 16

When choosing flooring, there are a wide range of  available options which combine beautiful design with durability. Here are a few of my...

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The White House: The Nation’s Home

 •  February 15

To celebrate President’s Day, I’d like to give you a tour of the home of our great nation and of all Presidents since John Adams. So here is...

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Real Estate Agent Safety Tips

 •  February 13

If you’re a Realtor, you’re probably someone who enjoys meeting new people. It’s often one of the best parts of the job. But it’s also true...

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The Perfect Stay-at-Home Valentine’s Day Guide

 •  February 5

This guide is sure to lead you to a Valentine’s Day like none you’ve had before, but it takes at least one day of planning. I promise it will be...

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5 Tips for Staging a Vacant Home

 •  January 20

You have a home you are trying to sell and it’s beautiful! Four bedrooms, two and a half baths, full basement, but the trouble is nobody is...

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How to Create a Perfectly Imperfect Wall Collage

 •  January 20

One of mine and my husband’s favorite sayings is “perfectly imperfect”. We use it for basically everything we make, hang or decorate around the...

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The Two Rooms that Sell Your Home

 •  January 19

If you’ve ever wondered where to focus your efforts in getting your home ready to sell, REALTORS will tell you the kitchen and the master suite are...

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The Best Months to Buy Home Goods

 •  January 8

It’s officially 2017, and with every New Year comes a slew of new things – especially as a homeowner. Maybe you’ve been itching to purchase a...

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8 Bright Ideas to Lighten Up Your Home This Winter

 •  December 30

It’s been a long, long winter. If you are anything like me it’s always a long, long winter.  Most people spend a lot more time inside this time...

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